On Chris Dixon

This “teacher’s reference guide” distills what I thought were some of Chirs Dixon’s more interesting blog posts and ideas. Don’t take my word for it, I’ve put together a complete compilation of his blog posts below that is well worth your time.

Chris Dixon first started a company called SiteAdvisor that helped users understand the safety and reputation of websites by testing the sites to find malware and spam. McAfee eventually bought it. His next venture was Hunch, a site that built a collective intelligence recommendation system, that was eventually acquired by eBay. Chris is now a partner at a16z, the “CAA” of venture capital.

Some of my key takeaways were around cryptocurrency (it allows computers to make commitments, amongst many other things, of course), the next paradigm shift will start off looking like a toy/hobby (what the richest and smartest do for fun on the weekends is what the mainstream will do in 10 years), and more related to network effects, startups, and venture capital.  

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