The Latticework

If you’ve gotten value out of The Rabbit Hole, you’re going to love The Latticework.

The Latticework is a multidisciplinary learning community that brings together a tribe of lifelong learners to help deepen your understanding of mental models and how to apply them.

By synthesizing ideas from thousands of resources (including all the book summaries from this site!) and combining it with a curated community, we get something really special.

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The Latticework is one of the more exciting projects I’ve seen lately. It’s what Poor Charlie’s Almanack would be if it were designed and built for the Digital Age. I’m excited to send lots of people to The Latticework to learn about the most important, evergreen ideas. If you’ve found value in the Invest Like The Best podcast, I’m confident you’ll love The Latticework.

Patrick O’Shaughnessy

I’m generally skeptical of most learning resources since they tend to be too theoretical, but The Latticework is different. It is pure signal in a world full of noise. If these ideas are taken seriously, there is no doubt in my mind that they will help improve people’s thinking and decision-making.

Brent Beshore

You may join The Latticework for the content, but you’ll stay for the community. Both content and community are wonderful, expertly curated in the kind and capable hands of Blas. Highly recommended – a compounding treasure trove of learning and relationships.

Laurence Endersen

The Latticework is the best ‘black hole for nerds’ I’ve ever come across. I’ve developed several meaningful friendships and business partnerships thanks to this community.

John Garry

A wonderfully curious group of high achievers who are pleasingly low ego.

John Candeto