Although I’ve never considered myself a writer, the process of writing these essays is one of the most valuable ways I now spend my time. I have found it helpful in 3 key ways: To become a better thinker (clear writing = clear thinking),To unearth questions and generate ideas ,To expose and fill-in knowledge gaps

It is amazing (and scary) how well I think I understand something until I put pen to paper. This process is humbling but also encouraging because once I can write about something clearly and simply, I know without a doubt that I truly understand the topic at hand.

Although frustrating at times, much of what I write is never published. Frustrating because the time and effort spent don’t lead to something I think is worthy of a broader audience, but that is the point. Without an audience beyond myself, I know my quality of writing, thinking, and idea generation wouldn’t be nearly as high. Having someone potentially read these essays raises the bar significantly.

This process has been challenging and rewarding – not surprising as these two things are inextricably intertwined.* I never know the direction the essays will go or what my next idea will be and, to me, this process of discovery and exploration is so fun. My writing is clearly a work in progress but, if nothing else, I hope these essays inspire some people to write more.

The Industrialists

The Best Product? A Great Team (guest post at Intelligent Fanatics)

Costanza’s Law of Contrast

Meditations On Meditation

* this simple intro to my essays helped me generate an essay: Challenging * Mattering = Meaningful