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Worthwhile Resources

Worthwhile Podcasts

Dan Carlin – Maybe the most engaging podcast I have ever listened to. His lengthy series on the Eastern Front in WWII, the fall of the Roman Republic, and the Mongols are incredible. Dan is a master story teller and its almost impossible to stop listening to him recount these violent and historic eras. Even if you don’t care about history, you will find these podcasts enjoyable and worthwhile.

Tim Ferriss – In each episode Tim interviews a master of their respective craft and tries to dissect what sets them apart. I enjoy them because there is typically some actionable tips, routines, or techniques we can implement to somehow improve our lives.

Finding Mastery – Michael Gervais is a high performance psychologist and in this podcast he converses with a broad range of high performers and digs into their backgrounds, mindsets and how they think about mastery.

Masters of Scale – Reid Hoffman does an excellent job highlighting some of the strategies, tactics, business plans, and more of some of today’s fastest growing companies.

Invest Like the Best – Patrick O’Shaughnessy dissects different investors and their approaches in a clear and thoughtful manner.

Naval – clear, concise, actionable wisdom on a huge range of topics

Worthwhile YouTube Channels / Videos

Shots of AweJason Silva is energetic, inspiring and exploring fields aimed towards “cognitive ecstasy” and other mindblowing concepts. These videos are usually just 2-3 minutes long and in them he explores anything from the spiritual to psychedelics (are they intertwined?) and too many other amazing topics to call out. I have gotten sucked into these videos for hours at a time and can’t recommend highly enough.

Big History Project – Started by Bill Gates and David Christian, this series of videos blends different fields in order to attempt to create one coherent timeline of our universe and how we as humans fit into it.

TED, TEDx, TED-Ed – TED (Technology, Education and Design) is an amazing platform aimed to “spread great ideas.” TEDx is the extension for independent organizers and TED-Ed is more focused on creating lessons. Fascinating talks from a vast range of people.

Crash Course – informational and animated videos which aim to simplify and give you a good overview over a variety of different topics

Talks at Google – A collection of authors, musicians and innovators of different fields who discuss their particular passions

Learning to Learn – Richard Hamming’s lectures on science, engineering, and learning to learn. 

Feynman’s Lectures on Physics – not all the lectures are available on video but you can find the missing ones in print here

Worthwhile Blogs

Paul Graham – Paul, co-founder of Y-Combinator, has one of the most fascinating blogs out there – discussing venture capital, human nature, trends, biases, and more (my notes here)

Kevin Simler – Kevin’s blog, Melting Asphalt, is incredibly well written and covers a huge spectrum of topics from social status to religion. He takes a different perspective on some relatively common topics and it is fascinating.

Tim UrbanWait but Why? seems like a labor of love. Tim’s older posts are a bit goofy but I have found all worth reading. If you’re ready to tackle what is essentially a book in blog format, the 4 piece article on Elon Musk is fantastic.

Seth Godin – Best selling author, marketer, entrepreneur and public speaker sends out a short, daily blurb with some food for thought. Always quick and worthwhile

Shane Parrish – Entrepreneur and author sends out a weekly newsletter with fascinating insight into books, articles and other interesting reads. I have unashamedly adopted many of Farnam Street’s layout and goals. Imitation is the highest form of respect.

Maria Popova – Author and overall wisdom seeker, Maria sends out a weekly newsletter which also compiles and analyzes a mind-blowing number of books and articles. Her analysis is always fresh and beautifully written.

Intelligent Fanatics – compiling and synthesizing the major lessons from some of the most successful investors and operators, helping us “stand on the shoulders of giants”

Seven Questions With… – Sequoia puts out a weekly newsletter with a founder, CEO, partner, etc. and asks the same 7 questions. Tons of insights and pattern recognition to be gained from these short-form interviews

Worthwhile Articles

What Counts is Where You’re Coming From in Your Inner Self – Brian Arthur

The Road to Self-Renewal – John Gardner

The Mundanity of Excellence – Daniel Chambliss

The Technology – Paul Buccheit

Driven by Compression Progress – Jurgen Schmidhuber

Principles (videos) – Ray Dalio

How The Economic Machine Works – Ray Dalio

Teal Organizations – John Naisbitt

Rules to Live by for Infinite Learners – Reid Hoffman

Invisible Asymptotes – Eugene Wei

Compress to Impress – Eugene Wei

Positive Alacrity – Patrick Ewers

You and Your Research – Richard Hamming

On Being the Right Size – JBS Haldane

Solitude and Leadership – William Deresiewicz

Aligning Business Models to Markets – Kevin Kwok

Laws of Tech: Commoditize Your Complement – Gwern

First Principles of Value Creation – Joe Plumeri

This is Water – David Foster Wallace

The Lattice Organization – WL Gore 

The Psychology of Human Misjudgment – Charlie Munger