Three Scientists and Their Gods


Robert Wright details his interviews, dialogues and conversations with Edward Fredkin, Edward O. Wilson and Kenneth Boulding. He is striving to understand what they believe about the world and how that gives human's lives meaning

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Key Takeaways
  1. Ed Fredkin - thinks the world is one massive computer, is very stubborn and argumentative, has his own island
  2. Edward O. Wilson - one of the fathers of sociobiology, was one of the first to isolate and determine pheromone's role in animal behavior and cooperation, discusses a lot the superorganic unity of ants and how they can be thought of as one organism, believes in reductionism to lead to a unity of knowledge (analyzing a complex phenomenon in terms of simpler phenomena that are held to represent a more fundamental level)
  3. Kenneth Boulding - a sociologist, believes in a general system theory (again, unity of knowledge), hierarchy of information processing systems, evolution leads to complexity/control/consciousness, evolution works by filling in empty niches, human complexity leads to universal love for all, know what over know how is a big evolutionary step
What I got out of it
  1. Interesting read, wouldn't recommend

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