The Systems Thinker


A practical guide to use critical thinking to change your life, know yourself through thought patterns, view and work on your behaviors to increase your problem solving skills

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Key Takeaways

  1. Meaning > Pleasure
  2. Be specific, have milestones, have due dates, write it down
  3. Systems thinking is a method of reasoning which targets the interconnections between contexts within the integrated content. It represents an alternative to our traditional scientific process of reasoning called investigation that functions throughout the breaking down of complex phenomena into little components
  4. People act in a certain way because within their perception of reality, such a nature of actions is considered reasonable and practical. Therefore, the root cause of all problems should be sought among those corporate rules that force employees to act in one way. In contrast, from the interests of the system as a whole, they are required to have a completely different behavior. In any system, the most important point of application of the lever are the beliefs of the people who make up the system, because it is the beliefs that support the system as it is. 

What I got out of it

  1. Good overview but Donella Meadows' Thinking in Systems is still my go to for this topic

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