The Seventh Sense: Power, Fortune and Survival in the Age of Networks


This books dives into the power of networks and how the interconnectedness of everything changes everything. The seventh sense lies in harnessing and understanding the power of networks. The seventh sense is the ability to look at any object and see how it is changed by connection. Connection changes the nature of an object

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Key Takeaways
  1. The sixth sense was Nietzsche's idea of people having to get a sense for the rhythm of history in order to deal with the then nascent industrial revolution. The seventh sense allows us to change our habits in order to deal with our new networked world where we are constantly connected. Any system which is not designed around or to work with constant connection will have to be re-thought and re-designed or else they will crack in today's new paradigm
  2. In a world where the map is constantly changing due to the power networks have to effect change, one has to rely on their instincts or seventh sense in order to survive and thrive. Mastery of the seventh sense will give people an ability to instantly feel and react to the changing power of networks
  3. Understanding always takes a long time, contemplation, stillness and deep conversations with others in order to penetrate and embody the truth.
  4. Networks grow as they gain nodes which connect across areas, mediums and geography. Networks grow powerful as they expand and depends on the type and relationship and speed of the nodes. Helpful metaphor for world of punctuated equilibrium is when molecules of water molecules link up and suddenly turns to ice when the temperature drops low enough. A powerful network can develop and disrupt that quickly
  5. Protocols allow you to design the organization and processes of a system and therefore the design of the protocol gives you almost total control of the system. Awesome example where he says that learning Chinese fluently is not what will be important in the future but creating the translation protocol will be because this controls the system and makes one specific language less important
  6. The physical world is shaped and influenced by the design of the digital world
  7. America is different than previous superpowers in the sense that she is willing to change and disrupt what makes her so dominant today
  8. So much of what is brilliant and revolutionary at first is seen as crazy, comical and/or stupid
  9. Greatest threat to America dominance is not China, Russia, or anyone else but the evolution of networks and the power they bring
  10. The victors of the future will be those who master networks
  11. What marks successful network thinkers is that they see structures with in the network and how power and influence might move through them
  12. That work create centralization and distribution. Network notes are distributed all over the world but power accrued and centralizes along the most powerful company. Distribution and concentration are the essence of power now. As more devices and those connect to the network the more powerful the core have to become
  13. The "platform used to matter but now it is Proto call  indicate how powerful pipeline in the design a system have become
  14. Leaders are struggling today because of the tension between centralization and distribution. This may be in paradoxical but much light in and day they coexist and need to other in order to exist exist
  15. System and networks are complex adaptive systems where unexpected behaviors and pattern emerge.
  16. Once an object connect to a system turns from complicated to complex. Industrial revolution made a simple complicated and network revolution made the complicated complex
  17. Robust principal - conservative in what you do and liberal in what you accept
  18. Conductivity brings with it multiple downside such as owner ability to have to wear your machine can be taken over and commanded what to do. All of the worlds most relied upon system and from the political to financials are vulnerable to sources that are hard to stop and even harder to see. Most of the biggest decision that will affect our lives will from now on be done and implemented in secret
  19. New cast of it being for who truly understands how to make computers that work at systems say and how they should be designed. Betty ourselves cause but I'll have the MC of the seven cents
  20. Seventh son does not want a level of acidity towards these new network but rather an understanding of its nature in order to further what we really care about
  21. At work are fundamentally interwoven with time and often try heated up or manipulated in other ways
  22. How we perceive is greatly influenced by in which we experience for example climbing a hill on foot versus in a car are almost totally different experience
  23. In the end that works for Bill to get around time by there nearly instantaneous function. As it up space becomes compress as you can travel the same distance and last time. Bass is a competitive advantage to be faster is the sizes for the future lies those who are the fastest
  24. Old world in terms of distance where as the new cast thing in terms of how fast you can traverses. Geography versus whole policy. Today how far away something is truly determined by the speed and quality of the connection and not by distance
  25. The true power of network lies in trust ties and not in cables or fiber
  26. Influence will accrue to those who are better able to compress time as there seems to be on unlimited desire for speed
  27. Today there is no more powerful position that to a network which is desirable for others. Figuring out where our who is our will help you figure out what steps to take and whether to build your own pasta or do something new
  28. Networks allow for a relatively new phenomenon which turns diminishing returns into increasing returns. Network effects are the strongest type of increasing return and changes how we think about and operate businesses. These businesses are power law distributed as they breed commanding winners - winner take all. Networks optimize themselves to be faster and more efficient the bigger they get and the more people who use them. Winner takes all because we all benefit
  29. A network and connected world wants the fastest solution to everything from social media to videos to online payment
  30. When the Chinese want to do something they asked what is the nature of the age as the context matters as much as the solution but I Americans simply begin with a goal. The author posit that today's nature is one of collapse of old industry and giant and construction of new one
  31. That works give us a glimpse into where power is and will be in the strategies one should employ based on this
  32. The fundamental question of power in today's age is whether you or your country or company are the gatekeeper or gatekept. The nature of today is that everything is or will be connected and as we've learned, this changes the nature of the object connected. This process of linking everything is unstoppable
  33. An increasingly powerful tool will be the ability to cut and keep people out of these important gatelands
  34. Disappearing AI if the concept that AI is getting so powerful. So much data entry so many connections that how it got to a dancer is becoming increasingly impossible for humans to figure out this has in Norman and location for our future and is exciting and scary
  1. Fascinating book on the power of networks and how the ability to see how the nature of things change once they are connected is where future power, innovation, influence and wealth lies.

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