The Secret


Powerful and simple. Rhonda Byrne argues that we must have an explicitly clear vision of what we want in order to achieve it. One must ask the universe for it, truly believe it will come true and then be ready to receive it.

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Key Takeaways
  1. Man becomes what he thinks about
  2. Ask, believe, receive
  3. What we think is transmitted to the universe and will be ours
  4. Think of wants, not don't wants
  5. We must truly believe our thoughts for them to come through
  6. At the end of the day, replay your day. Any event that didn't go how you'd like, replay it how you would've liked for it to have happened
  7. Start off the day thinking of everything you are grateful for, and say thank you for every one of them - gratitude is essential
  8. Visualize what you want - exactly and precisely. It must be clear and definite
  9. Vision board - pictures of goals or of what you want, must see often
  10. Your actions must mirror what you expect to receive
  11. Praise and give as much as possible
  12. Fill yourself with love, love yourself, and then you can begin helping others
  13. Be happy now. Feel good now
What I got out of it:
  1. An amazing way to live life. Some of what Byrne's says might come across as too "out there" for a lot of people but even if it is, I feel it lays the foundation for living a happy, fulfilling and loving life.

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