The Power of Impact Investing


Impact investing offers a middle way between philanthropy and pure financial investment. It is a means of using capital to drive financial value and social and environmental impact simultaneously. It enables you to combine both motivations at the same time. It's a new world of opportunity. Impact investors include a diverse group but one which is united by a powerful force: a desire to meet the dual goal of achieving financial return while generating significant social and environmental returns

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Key Takeaways
  1. Seek solutions which are self-sustaining, replicable and that can be scaled
  2. Goals of the book - provide basic guidelines for how to engage in impact investing and to discuss what remains to be done to ensure that impact investing continues to be a viable means of investing - in both developed and developing markets
  3. The authors also discuss many specific non-profit groups, investing firms, etc. which are focused on the impact investing space. Can offer good case studies, examples if want to refer back to later
What I got out of it
  1. Good overview of what impact investing is, its history, current examples and what still needs to be done to keep growing this important space

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