The Jungle


Upton Sinclair was a journalist who focused on exposing corruption in government and business. In The Jungle, Sinclair exposes the heinous conditions in Chicago's meatpacking district. This book led to the Food and Drug Administration being formed along with several others bills being passed.

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Key Takeaways
  1. Amazing what kind of atrocities humans can put up with in order survive and take care of their family
  2. The work conditions in which Jurgis and his family had to endure at the meat packing plants in Chicago is unbelievable. Paid next to nothing, dark, wet, sickly, inhumane work conditions that people were dying to get since jobs were so scarce at this time
  3. Jurgei would do anything for his family and ended up giving his life because of the conditions of the plant
  4. Just remember how lucky you are each and every day that you are not forced to be in this type of situation
  5. Life is not fair
  6. Strong socialist arguments throughout this book which under these types of conditions must have seemed extremely appealing to the men working these jobs
What I got out of it:
  1. More than anything this book taught me gratitude. The working and living conditions that these people had to endure is horrific and every time I think of this book I think of how lucky I am.

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