The Infinite Game

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Key Takeaways

I wrote an essay I wish I had been given when I graduated from college, retired from tennis, and began the transition from student-athlete to the "real world."

Through this essay, I hope to provide some awareness and tools, namely around self-reflection and self-awareness, how to think about how to spend your time, what to look for in a job, and the importance of coaches and mentors.

While written through the lens of a student-athlete, hopefully some of these principles and tools apply to a broader audience.

What that, let's jump into this rabbit hole...

*Update as of 10/26/20. Within the essay, I reflect on the importance of defining your life dimensions - areas of life that you deem important enough to prioritize. For me, those are health, family, friends, work, community service, personal growth, and spiritual growth. I've put together this simple spreadsheet to help keep me accountable in each of these various realms. (Just FYI - An excel file will download if you click the link below)

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