Social capital is the most valuable capital in the world – become more proficient at becoming a human toll booth by adding value in some form to your weak and strong ties.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Not about how many people you know but how many people you’ve helped.
  2. Superconnectors have a keen understanding of how to use social capital to help themselves and others.
  3. Superconnectors appreciate the importance of weak ties. They’re information brokers of whom and what they know.
  4. Superconnectors love connecting people who should know each other – they know that in the long-term it will likely help them and even if it doesn’t, it’s worth the time and effort (law of reciprocity).
  5. Connect and connection are not the same thing – social media obscured this. By connecting someone, you’re adding value – Value exchange is the name of the game. Number of followers is a poor proxy for social capital. It can’t be counted in likes or shares. You have to actually add value and build relationships.
  6. Business and community are converging and the people who have the skill set to bridge that gap and make the right connection at the right time for others will become ever more valuable.
  7. Never forget lateral networks – the people around those you want to get to know – the EA, partner, friend, spouse, etc…
  8. The biggest givers get the most.
  9. Connecting and networking are not the same. Value exchange vs transactional. Iterative vs one time.
  10. A super connector sees how and why others can help and adds value by making the introduction.

What I got out of it

  1. A great reminder on the power of being a maven, a superconnector. It’s not about networking, but about adding value. In this dynamic world, relationships and social capital are the most valuable capital you have.

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