Super Better

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Key Takeaways
  1. 4 rules to turning life into a game
    1. Turn anyone into a potential ally
    2. Use powerups (things which energize you) throughout your day to keep you motivated
    3. Set quests (goals) for you to achieve
    4. Make it all a game with bad guys (obstacles)
  2. Gaming with a purpose and not to escape your problems can have a lot of benefits such as making you more creative and resilient with real world problems
  3. Find quick 5 minute "power ups" which you can do anywhere and that make you happy
  4. Find ways to outsmart or overpower your bad guys (obstacles). Must develop psychological flexibility in order to try things which will challenge you or you might fail. Being mindful of bad guys is vital
  5. By visualizing or giving stupid names to your temptations, nerves, bad guys, you make it easier to overcome them
  6. When struggling with something, try looking at it from a third person point of view. Blas is stressed. Why?
  7. A good thank you requires the benefit of what they did, the effort it took them and spot the strength
  8. Trees give off chemicals which kill off fungus and insects but stimulates humans white blood cells!
What I got out of it
  1. Interesting read and a different way to look at life - make it all a game with bad guys (obstacles), powerups (things that make you feel better), quests (goals), recruiting allies (people to inspire you and keep you accountable)

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