Spiral Dynamics Integral

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  1. A theory of everything, helping explain why and how people change and the common patterns in that evolution. Different manifestations of expressed self and sacrificed self. These were not discovered, but uncovered

Key Takeaways

  1. There is no final stage. Humans are amazing creatures that are able to constantly recalibrate their world’s. This is the theory of spiral dynamics and Clare Graves is The Godfather – the evolution of values and human’s psychosocial systems.
  2. What is adult psychological development all about? The task of evolving from perversity to decency. Human nature is not a fixed being
  3. Emergent, cyclical, double helix model, adult, bio psychosocial systems development
    1. Emergent arises
    2. Cyclical – 2 poles with I/me/mine and we/us/ours at opposite ends
    3. Double helix – awakened systems in people and organizations to handle emerging conditions
    4. Adults ready to explore and evolve
    5. Bio psychosocial – chemical components in the brain that make people ready for this
  4. Graves was a true systems thinker that was holistic
  5. Because of the environment and the challenges we face, some people are better thinkers than others. Deeper Values structures are fractal that organize and by looking at these you can see where decisions are truly being made and if you can unlock or influence or shape the things that truly affect us And gives us a pragmatic application
  6. Basic value systems / priorities for living. How and why we think and see the world. Simply how and why people think and value what they do
    1. Beige – first tier, colors or levels are used to abstract other human traits. Beige is the most base level and once these needs are met, it leads to coordination for safety and security
    2. Purple – tribalistic and animistic and cause / effect. Sharing, superstition, coordination for safety and security
    3. Red – I/me/mine and a self of sense, ego centric, want it all and want it now, want to be free, rebel
    4. Blue – a search for a meaning in life, justify your existence, we/us/our, purpose driven, one right way, order and discipline and responsibility, transcendence and sacrifice for something bigger, law, Justice and fairness. Leads to countries and religions
    5. Orange – seek to find universal truths, science, fate control to the understand that every individual can act on their own and make their world and others worlds better, secular and autonomous, Individualism, success driven. The major world color today
    6. Green – a new sense of humanness, authenticity, internal worlds of feeling and chemicals and internal exploration, human rights, consensus, life’s continued quest of meaning, egalitarianism, release talents of every human
    7. Yellow – There is a quantum jump from green to the next tier. A lack of fear, different priorities, integrated, authentic, natural, balanced. This is yellow. Yellow doesn’t like being praised because it knows when it has failed and when it has succeeded. Equanimity, comfortable in a variety of environments, non-judgmental, sees the world as dynamic and organic and not static, upfront and non BS, both/and and not either/or, integral – meaning they can mesh together differences
    8. Turquoise – competency, utility, things that work, whole earth, mystical
  7. There are of course blending of these in people and countries and can drastically change based on environment and context
  8. If we can create the structures and the pathways for people at any level to progress, human afire will take care of itself. You cannot force it, but you can guide it
  9. For companies, need to think about firm, fit, function, flow, fulfillment

What I got out of it

  1. Understanding the various levels and what defines them

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