Snow Crash

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  1. Stephenson weaves virtual reality, Sumerian myth and a strange future in a great thriller
Key Takeaways
  1. Hiro protagonist, TY, Raven, uncle Enzo, Mr. Lee
  2. Hiro delivers pizza for Uncle Enzo but in the “metaverse” he is a warrior prince
  3. A new computer virus is killing hackers all over and his quest is to destroy the villain behind the virus
  4. “Is it a religion, a drug or a virus? What’s the difference?”
  5. There is deep linguistic infrastructure which he to exist for us to be able to acquire languages. There are certain phrases that c an be used to get right to this deeper pet and bypass language. Brain is unable to protect itself in this case and body becomes a slave. Until Enki, first fully conscious and modern man arrived in Sumer and was able to create new phrases which control people. Makes analogy that this language is like a virus, both biologically which stays with the person forever and metaphorically. Reminds me of Jaynes’ Origin of Consciousness
What I got out of it
  1. Interesting read and although strange and futuristic, many parallels to today’s wolr