Second Foundation


The discovery of the Second Foundation and its impact on the Foundation and its citizens is played out

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Key Takeaways
  1. The Mule is searching for the elusive Second Foundation with the intent of destroying it. The Second Foundation is far more powerful than The Mule expected. A leader of the Second Foundation, the First Speaker of the Second Foundation, telepathically modifies the Mule to make him not care about finding the Second Foundation.
  2. A few decades after the Mule's death by natural causes, the members of the First Foundation are now fully aware that the Second Foundation is out there. The Foundation has an ongoing conflict with the Mule's former imperial capital at Kalgan and the ensuing war is won by the Foundation
  3. After inventing a "Mind Static device" that jams telepathic abilities while simultaneously causing telepaths great pain, the Foundation finds and locates telepaths on Terminus, "at the other end of the galaxy" from the first Foundation, also at Terminus, since, as Arcadia puts it, "a circle has no end." Thus, they declare the Second Foundation destroyed after finding roughly 50 “mentalic” agents on Terminus.
  4. The Second Foundation was actually located on Trantor, at the center of the galaxy. It was called Star's End due to the ancient saying, "All roads lead to Trantor, and that is where all stars end." The location was also said to fit the "other end of the galaxy" location, since the galaxy is, in fact, not a disc, but a double spiral--and from the edge, the other end of the spiral lies at the center.
What I got out of it
  1. Really enjoyed this series and would recommend to anyone who enjoys space, travel, sci-fi

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