Power vs. Force


Man thinks he lives by virtue of the forces he can control, but in fact, he’s governed by power from unrevealed sources, power over which he has no control

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Key Takeaways
  1. Behavioral kinesiology, first discovered by Dr. John Diamond, deals with a person's muscular microresponses to stimuli. All things, people, symbols, food, thoughts, etc. have either a strengthening or weakening effect on the body. The more aware you are of these, the more you can surround yourself with things which strengthen rather than weaken you
  2. There is too much evidence of shared knowledge, a shared consciousness to ignore
  3. Man's issue has always been that he has mistaken his own intellectual constructs for reality but they are merely an arbitrary point of view
  4. This power can be recognized only through inner awareness
  5. There is a meaningful coherence amongst everything
  6. This book attempts to create an energy field to outline the hierarchy of consciousness
  7. It is not life's events but how we react to them which determine if they have positive or negative effects on our lives
  8. When force meets power (truth), force is inevitably defeated
  9. They key to happiness is the unconditional kindness to all of life, including ones own - compassion 
  10. Energy level 250 is Neutrality and at this point you can see past dichotomies, are not tied to outcomes or positions and are much more flexible in your point of view and opinion. These people are easy to be around, roll with the punches, are self confident, don't judge or try to control others and don't like to be controlled
    1. Willingness
    2. Acceptance - understand source of happiness within oneself, balance in life
    3. Reason - great at understanding intricacies between relationships, science, knowledge and education are heavily emphasized
    4. Love - true love is unconditional, unchanging and permanent. Forgiving, nurturing and supportive. Is completely inclusive and loves every form of life, dissolves negativity by re-contextualizing instead of denial or adaptation
    5. Joy - arises from within and is always present
    6. Peace - distinction between subject and object disappears, these people often remove themselves from the world as their state of bliss precludes ordinary activities. Infinite silence in the mind as it has stopped contextualizing and sees everything as one, interconnected and infinite
    7. Enlightenment - these people influence all people forever (Krishna, Buddha and Jesus), have grace which can be described as ineffable peace, body is merely seen as a tool for communication and transportation of consciousness
  11. One single experience of pure love, joy and peace can completely recalibrate ones life and lead to a continuous search for this state again
  12. Suffering simply stems from attachments and once one recognizes this one can live fully, without fear and with pure joy and love
  13. True teacher never tries to control the pupil's life in any way. They simply show the way and let the pupil decide
  14. Simple self kindness is the most transformational act you can take. There is no downside as it increases ones own power without extracting any sort of toll. Cannot practice self kindness while expecting some sort of reward
  15. Recognizing the false dichotomy of good and bad eliminates fear
  16. Power arises with meaning and truth. It appeals to that we call nobility and equality, that which emboldens and builds up.
  17. Force always succumbs to power in the end. Force always creates a counterforce where power stands by itself and requires no outside energy and makes no demands. Power creates life and energy where force sucks it away
  18. Truth is a manifestation of consciousness itself
  19. You cannot compromise on principle and keep power
  20. The most successful and enduring companies align with attractor forces and have heart. They may take actions which don't make pure economic or rational sense but give them a huge competitive advantage because employees love working there and customers love their product or service
  21. People who are truly great are always humble. pride and egotism are always downfalls and must be protected against 
  22. The great are revered as they exemplify the dedication and hard work needed to transcend oneself to reach excellence
  23. True success enlivens and supports the spirit. The truly successful realize that success comes from within and therefore have power. Those who believe that success and happiness and joy come from without are powerless
  24. There are very few at the top but those fighting for mediocrity have intense competition and the bottom of the pyramid is extremely crowded.
  25. Success in every area of life indicates proper alignment with these powerful forces and attractors
  26. Absolutely every thought and action reverberates throughout the universe and effects everything. There are no random events although we may not see how they are connected 
  27. The ability to hold a gaze and look into others eyes is correlated to higher levels of consciousness
  28. Awareness is the all encompassing attracting power equivalent to life itself
What I got out of it
  1. Every thought, feeling and action have consequences. Be aware of things which strengthen or weaken you, this can be food, people, thoughts, actions, beliefs and more. Definitely a bit out there but I think the concept of aligning with power/truth over force is a good one to live by

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