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Written for professional speakers, this book describes many of the finer points you can use to better engage your audience and clearly articulate your main points

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Key Takeaways
  1. People remember stories much better than anything else
  2. Speaks to what a successful facilitator of a meeting/forum/etc does
  3. One of the most effective tools at a speaker's disposal is silence
  4. Improv rules - expect the unexpected, step out of your comfort zone, keep it shot, advance the scene, don't yourself too seriously
  5. A great way to improve your body language is by taping a speech of yours and watch it
  6. Power and confidence are communicated by taking up space on the stage
  7. Keep hands visible, have nothing in your pockets, use hand gestures, diversify your gestures, have good eye contact (make the most significant, lingering eye contact at the end of your speech)
  8. Dress for success - professional, clean, elegant, simple
  9. Deeply connect with the audience - meet as many as you can, convince early on that you deserve their attention, be energetic/curious/courageous
  10. Professional speakers know who they are and what they love, embrace their niche markets and are truly innovative in what they offer
  11. Summarize the main points towards the end
  12. Your hook is what defines you as unique
  13. Your expertise and brand are what make you sustainable
What I got out of it
  1. Decent book, more for people who are speaking professionally full time or at least a lot

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