One Phone Call Away


Aim to be just one phone call away from any connection or resource you might need. This book helps you figure out how to do that.

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Key Takeaways

  1. It’s what you know about who you know.
  2. Always be collecting and connecting dots.
  3. What you know facilitates who you know. What you know dictates how luck you can be.
  4. At each new stage of life we don’t graduate ‘from’, we graduate ‘to’.
  5. Ask not what’s in it for me but what can I do for you.
  6. Share unrelated values and opportunities. People will appreciate it, loyalties will grow, and opportunities will come back to you.
  7. Don’t change who you are, change the way you think.
  8. Don’t try too hard, know the difference between a hard and soft ‘no’.
  9. Less is more – constantly weed people out of your database.
  10. To the extent you can, integrate your personal and professional life.
  11. Be passionate about something and become an expert in something.

What I got out of it

  1. A helpful, practical guide on how to grow and foster your network to help others and help yourself.

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