November 2017

The Rabbit Hole by Blas Moros 
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My monthly newsletter covers the books I have read over the course of the month, the challenges I undertook as well as some other interesting articles, blog posts, interviews, tools, hacks, etc.   


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Monthly Challenges

  • At the end of the day, reflect on my day – what surprised me, what I could have done better, how did I feel, etc. Also, review my schedule and goals for the next day.


  • Wanderers by Erik Wernquist – a beautiful, short film about human’s innate need to explore
  • Building a School Culture of High Standards by Ron Berger – one of the best pieces on education I’ve come across. Discusses the importance of high standards, shifting from quantity to quality work, merging “school” and “real” life so that a learning mindset is always present and encouraged, and more. Long but absolutely worth reading in its entirety
  • Naked Brands by David Perell – great article about the nature of brands and their evolution within a digital society. More about trust, transparency and emotional connection than ever before
  • A Conversation with Three Scientists – a deep and wide ranging conversation with Philip Ball, Ian Stewart and Brian Goodwin. Covers complexity, chaos, recursion, phase transitions, quality, metaphors, and more.
  • Inaugural address to the University St. Andrews by John Stuart Mill – beautiful piece written 150 years ago but is still fully relevant today. Touches on the role of education, specialization vs. generalization, the role of logic, the difference between knowing the name of something and truly knowing it, and much more. 
  • Hash Power by Patrick O’Shaughnessy – a really well-organized overview of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space 
  • Fun video about biomimicry


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“A war is not won if the defeated enemy has not been turned into a friend.” – Eric Hoffer

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