Norse Mythology


Gaiman's recounting of Norse mythology from the genesis story to details around the different deities.

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Key Takeaways
  1. The Norse mythology most likely came from Germany and spread north to Scandinavia and later Ireland and England
  2. Odin - the oldest of the gods, sacrificed an eye for wisdom, the father of all gods and all mortals
  3. Thor - Odin's son, a strong god, charismatic whereas Odin is cunning, protector of Askgard
  4. Loke - cunning and subtle, Thor's friend and betrayer, can shape shift, good natured but has a dark side
  5. The story of the 9 worlds
  6. The story of how the gods got their gifts - Thor's Hammer, Odin's spear, etc.
  7. The story of how the gods got their wall
  8. The story of Loke's children and the wolf/man
  9. The story when the ogres stole Thor's hammer
  10. The story of the mead of poetry
  11. Thor's journey to the land of the giants
  12. The apples of immortality
  13. The story of death and Frej
  14. Thor's fishing expedition
  15. The death of Bladr
  16. Ragnarok - the final destiny of the gods
What I got out of it
  1. Fun to learn about some of the Scandinavian mythological stories and see some of the connections to various other foundational stories

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