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Natural Born Heroes


McDougall retraces the steps of the "Cretan Runner" and others who managed to do unthinkable tasks on little more than boiled hay. They ran hundreds of marathons through Crete, acting as messengers, while avoiding Nazi soldiers and handling hazardous terrain. Natural movement, endurance, and efficient nutrition all played their role.

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Key Takeaways
  1. A daring group of people mysteriously kidnap a nazi general last thousands of German soldiers
  2. The art of the hero was to be so competent that great bravery wasn't necessary
  3. Mark Allen found a way to burn fat instead of carbs and this helped him win 6 iron man world titles
  4. Heroes mastered how to use their fascia (elastic tissue) as a limitless source of power instead of being bulky meat heads
  5. Heroism is a skill, not a virtue
  6. True heroism isn't about strength, courage or boldness, it is about compassion. The more you could relate to others, the more inner strength you can tap into
  7. Looks into how Greek "runners" (people who had to run through the most dangerous territory during the war to deliver messages) were able to survive and thrive with so little food. They relies on their fascia and on parkour like skills
  8. Once you start training in parkour, you don't see things, you see movement
  9. Often, the more you want to hide, the more visible you should become. Those most visible, the loudest are hardly ever questioned
  10. Wobble power coupled with our fascia profunda is mans greatest source of strength
  11. Humans are unique in their ability to throw to kill. We are able to do this because of the fascia in our shoulders
  12. Fairbend is a senior guy who was one of the best fighters in shanghai when it was the most dangerous city on earth
  13. Win chun is the martial art that Bruce lee was taught and it teaches you natural movements which are powerful. Most powerful when our power comes from the ground through the middle of our body. Sticky hands
  14. Pancration fighting is a very powerful and antique Greek method
  15. Being a God on earth is a natural desire and saving someone or helping someone is the closest we will get to achieving that goal
  16. Fitness should not be defined by strength like it is today but rather by flexibility and functionality. How well can you sprint, climb a tree, run, swim, etc. Endurance and elastic strength are most important
  17. Spending time in nature can have incredible cognitive effects - making you aware of your surroundings and bringing you back to your past helps make you much smarter
What I got out of it
  1. Fascinating story but also love the idea of being fit is being useful. Bulkiness is completely useless but natural movement (parkour, throwing, climbing, swimming, jumping, etc.), flexibility, endurance, etc. are all life-saving skills to have

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