The Hero with a Thousand Faces


This is a book about the similarities in symbology between diverse religions and cultures. Once understood, it will be seen that the differences are not nearly as large as is commonly thought

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Key Takeaways
  1. "The Keys"
    1. The call to adventure
    2. Refusal of the call
    3. Meeting the mentor
    4. Crossing the threshold
    5. Tests
    6. Approaching the innermost cave
    7. Ordeal
    8. Reward / bliss
    9. The road back
    10. Resurrection
    11. Master of two worlds
  2. Monomyth - all stories from all cultures are basically the same since they try to convey universal truths and how the human experience is reflected as part of our larger universe
  3. The desire for humans to explains leads to myths, heroes, religions, science
  4. Mythology is everywhere the same regardless of the surface costumes they may wear
  5. All neurotics are either Oedipus or Hamlet. Father or mother is the perceived enemy of the child
  6. Dreams bubble up and anthropomorphize issues we are dealing with. There is much noise but it can provide insight as well
  7. Nuclear unit of the monomyth lies in going away, initiation and return
  8. Regrets are illuminations made too late
  9. Cosmogonic Cycle - the creation and destruction of the universe. Universe begins as amorphous blob until a creative force gives it shape. It is initially perfect until people create chaos, leading to the end of the world and back to a unified whole where the cycle repeats
What I got out of it
  1. The "master key" to storytelling. Amazing how this blueprint is found in all varieties of religions, myths, histories and other stories!

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