Get Together


A concise, simple book that describes hot to build, nurture, and sustain community

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Key Takeaways

  1. The master key is to build community WITH people, not for them. 
  2. Great leaders create more leaders
  3. Sparking the Flame
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    2. Who brings the energy - who are the people who already engage and contribute?
    3. Assuming that the community flourishes, who will you stick with?
    4. What do people need more of?
    5. What's the change we desire?
    6. What's the problem only we can solve together?
    7. Our community brings together _________ so that we can ________
    8. What's something your people crave that would be better performed or experienced as a group
    9. Create an undeniably valuable shared experience
    10. Is the activity purposeful?
    11. Is the activity participatory?
    12. Is the activity repeatable?
    13. Find a space so people can get together and give them an excuse to connect for the first time
    14. What structure would make communication in this space more meaningful?
      1. Create strict rules on what you can't discuss, specifically politics
      2. Moderators who enforce the rules
      3. Participants who seem to enjoy helping others
      4. What's our purpose?
      5. What is and is NOT okay?
      6. How do members report violations?
      7. How will you investigate and enforce the rules?
  4. Stoking the Fire
    1. Instead of a push, create a pull. Don't broadcast a mass message to a faceless audience. Rather, work with your members to collectiely send a clear, authentic signal about what your community is all about
    2. Share the recruiting responsibility - grow word of mouth/organically. Make it clear to members that their active involvement is crucial to ensuring the vitality and success of your community. At your gatherings, online or off, carve out time to make sure existing members know that the more people who attend, the more enjoyable and impactful the experience will be for everyone involved. If your members agree, they'll tkae that sense of responibility to heart. 
    3. Your community centers around in-person experiences - package up interesting insider content that encapsulates those experiences
    4. Your community centers around training or learning - encourage members to share their efforts
    5. Your community centers around contributing and sharing content - make the content that they contribute simple to reshare and discover (fans following their favorite streamers on Twitch can create short, shreable video clips of choice moments from any broadcast - make possible for audio too)
    6. Create loca/regional aspects (Rapha regional badges to tie everyone together, but especially your local tribe)
    7. Do you know how many people show up (no- start counting); do you know who they are (no - make a rolodex); do you know why they are showing up (no - ask); keep it up
  5. Passing the Torch
    1. What does it mean to be a qualified leader in your community?
    2. how can you vet for genuine leaders?
    3. What's your feedback process with leaders?
    4. Map out the leader journey - what are first steps after someone raises their hands? how are they vetted/welcomed/onboarded/acknowledge? what are the key activities involved in their work? what support do they currently receive?
      1. Which activities are valuable? which aren't as valuable but are necessary? which activities don't help at all?
    5. Celebration - what are our badges? (rep them together) what are our rituals (participate in them as a group) got any quirky terminology? (bake your language into the celebration)
      1. Why are we getting everyone together? how will you incorporate your community's special sauce? what have we accomplished together? reflect on those achievements 

What I got out of it

  1. Some beautiful tips on how to build and establish a community, whether online or off

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