Evernote: Unleashed


Good read on Evernote and how to use most effectively

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Key Takeaways
  1. Organize Reading Notes: if you use an e-reader which allows you to highlight quotes or add notes as you read, you can easily copy those highlighted sections and notes to an Evernote note (saved in a notebook for your reading notes) so that you can keep track of all that information all within one fully synced app. This is especially useful if you are doing research of any kind and want to consolidate all the different sources of notes you have taken (whether you wrote them in the text itself or on a separate document).  
  2. Make the ultimate to do list: instead of keeping a bunch of disorganized piles of to do lists everywhere, create a to do list notebook in Evernote and then have a separate to do list for each of your roles. That is, have a to do list for work, a to do list for home, a to do list for you hobbies, and so on. This will keep your life much more organized and allow you to easily switch between the different aspects of your life so that you can focus on what you need to do at the moment.  
  3. Make a distraction list: the internet is a vast and magical space. In the middle of working, you might decide that you need to look up some totally unrelated fact because suddenly, you want to know what the average life span of a great white shark is.  
  4. Here are a few tips for using the tag feature effectively:  
    1. Think in keywords: your tag should not be a whole sentence.  
    2. Your tag should represent the main idea of the note. 
    3. Establish a system so that you are consistent with your tags.  
    4. Leave no note untagged!  
  5. A “Pixelator” tool that blurs parts of the web clipping that contain sensitive information and should be kept anonymous (i.e. – faces, credit card information, addresses, and other personally identifiable information). 
  6. The note will automatically be stored with the same title as the subject line of the Email but you can modify it if you wish and remove any unnecessary information from the email so that it’s stripped down to only the information you want to keep.  
  7. Beef up Security: with Evernote, you have the option to enable a two-step verification process  
  8. For example, link it with your gmail account so that starred messages will automatically be sent to Evernote.  
What I got out of it
  1. Some small gems about Evernote to help increase productivity 

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