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Conscious Business


A conscious business is built along three vectors – achievement, relationship, and integrity. If you can interweave these important, personal aspects, work will not be felt and considered separate from life, but an integral part of it

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Key Takeaways

  1. You have the power to take action, to react to make things better. You are accountable for things and how you respond. You are not a victim, you always have a say. Be free. You’re a player, not a bystander
  2. To discover some of your values in a more approachable, less direct manner, ask yourself who 3 people you admire are. Then tease out why you admire them. These are clues to your values
  3. Understand the difference between influence and control
  4. To live a happy life we have to live according to our values
  5. The rule is that if a problem bothers you, it is your problem and you better make yourself part of the solution.
  6. The values are “process” and not “outcome”. They are a way to play the game and not winning
  7. To turn values into action with others we need to focus on communication, negotiation, coordination
  8. In a conscious business, do you understand that everyone’s concerns are valid but your job is to figure out what lies beneath the concern and help address the root rather than the cause. You need to ask clarifying questions and he open the peoples input in order to create psychological safety and a space in which people can be creative, have an impact, and flourish
  9. One of the absolutely key things you need for a conscious business is to understand who will do what by when

What I got out of it

  1. A quick read with some good reminders about accountability, values, and more.

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