Coach: Lessons on the Game of Life


This book is about Michael Lewis high school baseball coach Billy Fitzgerald. Lewis can still recall the feelings his coach helped instill in him - the idea that he is about to show world and himself what he can do

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Key Takeaways

  1. From the safe age of 43, 12 looks less an age than a disease
  2. Success to Fitz was a process and it was about sacrifice and dedication, not trophies and outcomes 
  3. He taught us how to cope and deal with the two enemies of a well-lived life. Fear and failure. We can never completely get rid of our weaknesses, fears, and failures, but we can’t get better. It is the quality of the struggle, the quality of the journey that counts

What I got out of it

  1. Beautiful story about Michael Lewis and his influential basketball coach, Billy Fitzgerald. The impact one person can have is just amazing and I've personally been lucky enough to experience that with several coaches/mentors and seek to be that mentor however and whenever I can

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