Tuesday’s with Morrie by Mitch Albom

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Key Takeaways
  1. Love wins. Love always wins
  2. The most important thing in life to learn is to let love in. Most of us don't think we deserve love but we do
  3. It's only horrible if you look at it that way. Seen from another, it can be wonderful
  4. Sometimes you can't believe what you see, you have to believe what you feel
  5. A teacher affects eternity as you can never tell where their influence stops
  6. Everybody knows they're going to die but nobody believes it or else they'd live life differently.
  7. Once you learn how to die you learn how to live
  8. Trying to impress those above you will only lead to derision and trying to please those below only to envy. Simply be
  9. People are only mean when threatened. And that's what our culture does, what our economy does
  10. The problem is we don't think we're as alike as we are
    1. All people are alike in the sense that we all want to be loved, heard, respected, cared for, listened to
  11. This disease is knocking at my spirit but it will not have my spirit. It will take my body, but not my spirit
  12. Forgive yourself before you die and then forgive others
  13. We're all looking for a sense of peace with death. Once we achieve that we can face death
  14. Death becomes such a big deal for most people because we don't see ourselves as part of nature. We see ourselves as above nature
  15. The big issues most of us avoid confronting deal with awareness, responsibility, love and spirituality
  16. There is no such thing as too late in life
  17. Giving is living
  18. Never live with regret. Forgive yourself and others and move on
What I got out of it
  1. A beautiful and heart-warming book on what is really important in life - love, relationships, giving, forgiveness