One Spirit Medicine: Ancient Ways to Ultimate Wellness by Alberto Villoldo

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Key Takeaways
  1. Spirit is the invisible world where we are all one and interconnected
    1. Disease comes from imbalance between spirit and harmony
  2. LEF - Luminous Energy Field, an aura that we all give us and is made up of our ancestors, diet, trauma, diseases, thoughts, beliefs and more. The link between the visible and invisible world we all inhabit
  3. Gut is second brain and extremely important to take care of it
  4. Must detox gut, body, brain before can upgrade
    1. Avoid GMOs, corn, soy, grains, sugar
    2. Fasting, even just 6pm to noon the next day, intermittent fasting) helps a lot
    3. Autophagy - cell death, the recycling of cell waste is so important and can speed up the process through exercise, fasts, diet, detox and eating enough phytonutrients
    4. Recommends 1 day of fasting every 3-4 weeks
  5. Become "prey" once we fear something
    1. Fear is the deadliest emotion as it blinds us to love and opportunities
    2. Beliefs cause stress and fear, not people or situations
  6. In today's world, over stimulation leads to an over active fight/flight response
    1. Must build in times of complete relaxation. Every hour, day, week, month and year take some time out to just reflect and be grateful
    2. Importance of day dreaming cannot be over exaggerated
  7. Lessening fear of death opens you up to love and to better handle life, see the big picture
  8. Personal myths, the limiting stories we tell ourselves, are omnipresent and play a much bigger role in our lives than we realize. They shape our beliefs, values and thoughts which end up shaping our lives
  9. Death is simply a transition from our "particle" (local) to "wave" (omnipresent) state
  10. Medicine Wheel
    1. South = serpent = life force = instincts. Afraid of change, being vulnerable
      1. Don't be tethered or blinded by the past or because of other's perceptions of you.
      2. "Male or female, when we finally let go of who we think we're supposed to be and shed our fear of disapproval, we open our eyes to the new opportunities we encounter. We're no longer afraid to be curious, to ask questions, to take risks."
    2. West = Jaguar = Divine Feminine. Confrontation, acceptance and welcoming of death
      1. Inner confidence, balance and power leads to "defeating" death by ensuring continuity of consciousness (knowing our nature is outside of time)
      2. Complexity and harmony lead to health (heart rate variability)
      3. Acceptance of death leads to a fuller life as we know how fleeting and precious our time on this Earth is
      4. "It takes courage to stay with fear and breathe into the emotion rather than run away from it or try to subdue it. But when courage becomes bravado, it can be our undoing..."
      5. Initiation of death is a lifelong process
    3. North = way of the sage = stillness, which comes from stopping of desires
      1. Stillness is not an end in itself but allows us to see entire nature of creation, the bigger picture in all our lives
      2. "...reality is an illusion, albeit one we are jointly re-creating in every instant...We come to realize that the universe mirrors back to us perfectly our beliefs, our intentions, our sincerity. What is is the product of the map of reality you carry inside you. If you want to change your experience, you need to change the map."
      3. Only when still can we extract the universe's wisdom
      4. Allows us to rise above ourselves and time to clearly see the results of ours and other's beliefs and actions
      5. Non-action often takes more strength/maturity than action
      6. Find stillness in the pause between breaths
    4. East = Eagle = journey of the visionary, rebirth
      1. Ability to see big picture while simultaneously zooming in on important details
      2. Appreciate each moment in all its wonder - every second is sacred
      3. "I" is not separate from anyone or anything as we are all one, united
      4. All collectively dreaming together. Accepting this gives you power as you realize you can change it
      5. Once you meet future you, what you want to become, you can embody those qualities today and take a step to realizing that future reality
      6. 4 noble truths - there is suffering, attachment/desires cause suffering, giving up attachment (even to life) eliminates suffering, follow the 8 fold path
      7. Must lose your self to find your self
      8. Man a paradox - infinitely small yet infinitely vast. Nothing, yet everything
      9. Can't fight demons, must welcome them or they will simply persist
    5. Vision quest the last step of the journey
      1. Sit in a natural setting, sitting with the elements and put your body under mild physiological stress through fasting
      2. Purpose is to discover in the wilderness that you are a citizen of the earth, a child of nature, at one with all creation
      3. Fast to awaken the body's self-repair systems and stimulate production of stem cells in the brain and every organ in your body
What I got out of it
  1. Spiritual read which goes over the importance of a good, balanced diet, nutrition, fasting, managing stress, taking breaks, finding stillness, accepting and realizing we are all one