The Education of a Coach by David Halberstam

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  1. Halberstam details the career and life of the New England Patriot’s coach, Bill Belichick. How his background, beliefs, work ethic and process have helped him become one of the most prolific football coaches in history.
Key Takeaways
  1. Bill is extremely anti-media as it creates a me world whereas he pushes for a “we” world. Has no inclination for the spotlight and zero artifice. Looked for players without a propensity for big displays of ego. Bill has a big ego but was about the doing, about the team winning. Not a man of charisma like most coaches, but a man of chalk. To push away fame, he dressed as gray as possible and drives a Volvo station wagon
  2. Coaching was almost an end in itself, preparing his players to the best of his ability. Loved the bigger stage because it was a bigger challenge. His attention to detail is second to none
  3. The Patriots coaches have no trophies or other signs of success in office – don’t want any trappings of the past and complacency
  4. Reading film, ability to adapt and work ethic is why set him apart from everyone else
  5. Constant evaluation of players and adaptation key 
  6. The little things aren’t the little things
  7. The key to success is being organized as being organized lets you save time and focus on what you’re it’s about doing what you’re supposed to do
  8. The Patriots are a team without an ego. All they want to do is win
What I got out of it
  1. Very interesting book on Belichick the man, why he acts the way he does and how he has risen to the highest echelon of the coaching world.