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The Small Cap Advantage by Brian Bares

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Key Takeaways
  1. Small caps have beaten mid/large cap returns over time
  2. Successful small cap managers often move "up" into larger market cap companies and this perpetually keeps the small cap space relatively open
  3. Limited assets under management (AUM) is important
  4. It takes independent thinking to invest unconventionally well
  5. Published research is scarce and often biased
  6. Trading is costlier in the small cap space
  7. Limiting capital is often the only effective way to remain in the small cap space without overly diversifying from one's highest conviction ideas
  8. Do not rely on other's conclusions
  9. A successful status process can be competed away
  10. Stock price naturally follows value of underlying business given a long enough time horizon
  11. With management, understand their strategy and how they think about allocating capital
  12. Extremely important to learn from one's mistakes. They will happen and if learn from them they can be good as long as the process was correct
  13. Process, acting on conviction more important than results in the long-term. Never fall in love with a stock and look for and learn from mistake
  14. Investment edge should be able to be easily understood whether analytical, behavioral, technological or some combination
  15. Understand the risk and exposure of the fund. Being wrong in isolation is the ultimate ostracism
  16. Contrary opinions are the lifeblood of successful investing
What I got out of it
  1. Very interesting to get to see how an extremely successful investor thinks about the space he's in and the inherent advantages, disadvantages and difficulties of operating in this space.