October 2016

The Rabbit Hole by Blas Moros 
Jump In. 

My monthly newsletter covers the books I have read over the course of the month, the challenges I undertook as well as some other interesting articles, blog posts, interviews, tools, hacks, etc. 



Teacher’s Reference Guides

  • On Complexity – I spent a couple months reading deliberately on complexity and its many off-shoots and applications. After summarizing the books I read and wrangling with the concepts for some time, I have attempted to make a distilled “teacher’s reference guide” or cheat sheet which (hopefully) describes the key terms and ideas in a clear, concise and applicable manner. I have found htis topic to have widely universal appeal and applicability and hope you find it as helpful and interesting as I have! If you’ve found it helpful in any way, please share it and I’d love to hear any feedback, questions, suggestions and so forth.

Monthly Challenges

  • Gymnastics Strength Training is a new mainstay into my morning routine. Great mobility, flexibility and strength results in just 10-15 minutes per day
  • Mini trampoline – got the inspiration after watching Tony Robbin’s new documentary on Netflix. Jumping for 10 minutes per day is supposed to have great circulatory and digestive benefits – no idea if that’s true but at the very least, it’s fun…
  • Three-day fast – third time I’ve done this now and it keeps surprising me how easy it is. Had a bit of a headache the first day but the second and third days I felt sharp although I missed the “process” of cooking and eating with close friends. I used ketoforce this time around (3 cap fulls in the morning with juice from half a lemon) which is supposed to help you get into ketosis faster. I didn’t notice a huge difference in how I felt compared to the last couple fasts but will keep it up.


Amor Fati


“Why do we love quotes? They are distilled thoughts! Great quotes help us experience an idea without getting lost in verbiage.” – Kalid Azad