Hi, I’m Blas Moros.

My goal is to learn and grow every single day, even if it’s only by 1%. To achieve this, I am consuming an eclectic variety of books and tackling a multitude of different physical, emotional, and intellectual challenges.

After graduating, I decided to try to spend the extra 4ish hours I now had (after “retiring” from tennis) on doing the most useful and interesting things I could. This has mostly been reading but also learning specific skills and other challenges. I try to set my life up as much as possible to always be excited about what I am reading, learning, doing. This has helped me get through a lot without it feeling like “work.”

I have named my site The Rabbit Hole because that is how I would characterize my learning experience so far – following whatever piques my interest and not forcing it so that it becomes overwhelming. I have set up this site to help keep me accountable and (hopefully) offer you some insight and inspiration by distilling what has been helpful to me.

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