You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter by Joe Dispenza

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  1. A placebo affect is when we believe in some external stimulus which changes our body condition or something else. This book is about how to harness and use this amazing power of the placebo effect but without external stimulus in order to our achieve our goals and health
Key Takeaways
  1. 3 elements:
    1. Conditioning
    2. Expectation
    3. Meaning
  2. Mind and matter truly are the same thing and this understanding is key to unlocking your power
  3. Information leads to transformation
  4. Beliefs need to feel more real than current reality. The ability to touch, feel, totally embody yourself in your vision or goal before it is manifested in reality is key
  5. Change can only occur when you become conscious of your unconscious thoughts, feelings, reactions and other habit patterns
  6. You have to rise above these to be your own placebo: Body, Environment, Time
  7. Attitudes are temporary beliefs and most beliefs are made up from past thoughts and experiences. They are addicting and habit forming so be very careful about your thoughts. Perception is an elongated state of being which is formed by your beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and feelings. You don’t see reality as it truly is. You fill in the gaps with your beliefs and attitudes. The only way to change your perception is to change your state of being, recognizing your faulty and incomplete beliefs for what they are. This process is so difficult because we are addicted to our beliefs and take them to be truth almost all the time
  8. As soon as we expect, believe and surrender to an outcome without consciously thinking about it or analyzing it, then we’ll become vulnerable to that particular reality. Imagine how your life would change if you were able to change your beliefs to one which wholeheartedly believed the universe was conspiring to help you at all times
  9. The quantum model shows that at the subatomic level matter is here one second and gone the next. This can indicate that all future scenarios already exist in some alternate universe and is a candidate to how we can affect and change our future by holding a clear and firm intention. This is how the mind can affect matter by collapsing all potential energy fields into a single focus day after day
  10. Another way to think of disease is as a down regulation of your energy. You have become a material being because you are putting greater emphasis on matter that is painful or hurtful then energy. You lose energy and consciousness through this path
  11. Cells are 100 times more susceptible to energy chemicals which is why being in the state of coherence is so important
  12. The author believes that deep down every human believes in their greatness in the potential to make the future better than the present
  13. Truly understanding intellectually what is happening drives home the power of this meditation and belief system. It is like hard coding these beliefs into our system
  14. The most conducive times to meditate is right when you wake up or right before bed
  15. Meditate in a similar place without distractions and wear comfortable clothing
  16. Living too rigid and scheduled of a life doesn’t allow space for spontaneity and inspiration to enter. In order to affect lasting change you have to be fully in the present moment and not thinking about or worried about the next task on your schedule. You have to become the unknown or pure consciousness where you don’t attach to any faith, idea, belief, disease or anything else
  17. Change or belief meditation – determine which perceptions about yourself that you want to change and then what you want to believe and how that will make you feel
    1. Open focus meditation is one where you focus more on space and the unknown send any particular mantra idea or thought. Enhances our energy by focusing on energy
    2. In this next part fully detach from your identity and become 100% immersed in the present moment. This is the sweet spot as the present moment can lead to any future
    3. You should allow yourself just to linger on each chakra for about 15 minutes each
    4. Your job is not to figure out when or where or how to make your wishes come true, simply to see it and feel it wholeheartedly
  18. The author’s definition of genius is the ability and willingness to get uncomfortable
  19. A clear intention with uncompromising trust and belief is what is needed to dive into the unknown and to take steps into unleashing the power of the placebo
What I got out of it
  1. You really get an appreciation for the power of your mind, your thoughts, your intentions after you hear some of these stories