Theory of Everything by Ken Wilber

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  1. The author aims to provide an integrated, unified view of the cosmos – matter, mind, body, soul, art, and everything else. Not reducing things down unnecessarily to matter alone. This endeavor is surely to fail and overgeneralize, but it is a worthwhile journey because a little bit of wholeness is better than a whole bunch of slices that are never integrated or unified

Key Takeaways

  1. Spiral dynamics – 8 levels of consciousness
    1. Beige – survival instincts
    2. Purple – clan instinct
    3. Red – egocentric
    4. Blue – finding purpose in life
    5. Orange – autonomy and independence
    6. Green – community and unity
    7. Yellow – integration, living in paradox
    8. Turquoise – holism, all part of same living whole
    9. First tier thinking – every level thinks that every other level is wrong, only their way is right.
    1. Second tier thinking, understands that all those games are necessary parts of human evolution of consciousness and people to reach this level are able to think vertically and horizontally seeing the bigger picture seeing things holistic Lee and not as black and white. This is a massive mental and consciously that is necessary to move from silos or integralism
    2. Understanding first year and second-tier situation is important because it is often a subjective and personal experience. People move from first tier to second-tier and no amount of arguing or explaining will do the trick. When the student is ready the teacher appears
    3. Evolution from one spiral to the next is natural and necessary. No one tier gets preferential treatment or is more important. The most effective thing we could do is help the billions of people move up a tier, not getting a select few to the second tier
  2. Human consciousness project – served as the roadmap for our theory of everything
  3. One definition of development could be viewed as a continual decline of ego centrism towards ethno-centrism to world centrism (I, we, it)
  4. High minded social activism can often come from low minded egocentric views and beliefs
  5. It can be helpful to think of hierarchies in terms of dominance hierarchy and actualization hierarchies. The latter is in towards status quo and power the second towards grow confidence and unity

What I got out of it

  1. A bit too out there for me, but the framework of consciousness progressing up a spiral is one I’ll remember