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How Will You Measure Your Life by Clayton Christensen, James Allworth and Karen Dillon

  1. Christensen is clear that he will not provide any important answers but he does promise to help the reader ask the important questions in order to get them on the path to be happy in their relationships and their careers.
Key Takeaways
  1. Asks the reader to ask – how will be happy in my career and relationships, how do live a life of integrity
  2. Does not promise to offer any answers, simply prompt you to figure out what is important to you and how you will measure your life
  3. Love what you do every single day – Determine your priorities and have a plan and be deliberate but also open to new opportunities
  4. The journey (learning/accomplishment) a bigger motivator than the destination
  5. Must balance deliberate strategy with unanticipated opportunities
  6. If not in a perfect situation, experiment and iterate
  7. For any big decision, ask what has to prove true to be happy and successful
  8. Strategy is irrelevant if not allocating resources properly
  9. Create proper incentives to achieve what you want
  10. Sacrifice strengthens commitment
  11. Self-esteem comes from achieving something important when it is hard to do
  12. Sometimes what parents don’t do more important than what they do do
  13. In parenting and career, think of what skills you want to build and reverse engineer to get those experiences
  14. Culture will form regardless. Make sure it is one you like and support. Be extremely explicit – write culture down, have a motto
  15. Small, everyday decisions shape our lives, our careers, families, etc.
  16. Following any principle 100% of the time is easier than doing it 98% of the time
  17. Absolutely critical to articulate your purpose. Purpose can’t be left to chance, it must be deliberate and it is often emergent. Take opportunities as they arise, it is a process, not an event
  18. Figuring out your purpose is one of the toughest but most rewarding journeys a person can take
What I got out of it
  1. Two main things, whenever a big decision arises, ask yourself what has to happen in order for you to be happy and successful. If realistic and you think it is likely, proceed but if not, reevaluate. The second is the concept of having a concrete and deliberate goal and finding ways to reverse engineer your experience (jobs) in order to gain the skills necessary to attain that goal. Highly recommend this book – brief, easy to read with a powerful/actionable message

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