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The Philosophy of Money

I recently read Morgan Housel’s wonderful book, The Psychology of Money. It’s a powerfully pragmatic, concise, and useful book in a sea of useless financial resources.

While I enjoyed the actual content, one of the more valuable things it did was to help me revisit the question behind the “why” of money and wealth. After thinking through this again, it left me feeling like there is a gap that I’m hoping this essay is useful in helping explore. If Morgan’s book focuses on the “what” of money, I aim to focus here on the “why”.

Challenging * Mattering = Meaningful

This essay helped me discover a deeper connection between challenge and meaning than I previously appreciated. This seems obvious in hindsight, but it wasn’t before, and I think that’s the key to an interesting essay.

Distilled, the “meaningful” results from the combination of something challenging (PIPER in something that interests you) with something that matters (creating; doing something difficult that others find even more difficult than).

When these circumstances come together and form something meaningful, it’s like blending tin and copper. The result is bronze, an alloy so much harder than would be expected that it appears a different metal.

My Learning Process

I’ve gotten a lot of questions on my learning process and this essay briefly shares some big picture strategies and concrete tactics that I’ve found helpful. This is by no means the “right” way, simply what has seemed to work for me so far.

Meditations on Meditation