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Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz

  1. Keith Ferrazzi is the guru of networking and this book lays out his approach, tactics and benefits. While networking has a bad stigma attached to it, what Ferrazzi is truly advocating is building generous, authentic and profitable (socially, monetarily, emotionally) relationships with others.
Key Takeaways
  1. Summit isn’t just in the business of helping launch entrepreneurs. It’s in the business of creating community, the most valuable form of social capital—the intimate, supportive relationships that spur collaboration while deeply satisfying our human need for connection, belonging, and meaning.
  2. Some of the key lessons of this book: generosity in relationships, above all; audacity; social arbitrage; blending the personal and professional; connecting through passions; giving back; having fun.
  3. Once a dirty word, networking has become the lingua franca of our times, acknowledged as an inherently human pursuit—not ugly or exploitative, but inherent to the forces of reciprocity that drive human development and a collaborative economy. Today’s most valuable currency is social capital, defined as the information, expertise, trust, and total value that exist in the relationships you have and social networks to which you belong.
  4. Science has validated the equation: Success in Life = The People You Meet + What You Create Together
  5. Your network is your destiny
  6. Your path to greatness begins the moment you find the courage and the audacity to reach out with generosity.
  7. Important steps to take to successful networking:
    1. Create a fulfilling, authentic, effective networking strategy that lasts a lifetime
    2. Build and align social capital to achieve ever more ambitious goals
    3. Combine strategy and serendipity to keep in constant contact with a wide network of people
    4. Filter and prioritize your relationships for quality interchange that supports your goals and values
    5. Cultivate a magnetic personal brand that has people clamoring to share information, access, and resources
    6. Translate that brand to social media to build a devoted online tribe
    7. Increase your value to your network, and specifically to your company or clients
    8. Create innovative content to build a reputation as an expert and increase your online influence
    9. Get “discovered” and tapped for the best opportunities
    10. Create a life that you love and the network to cheer you on
What I got out of it
  1. Too many good tips, examples and lessons to try to summarize. It is a quick read and very worthwhile no matter how old you are, where you are in your career or what industry you are in. Building relationships through generosity will help you regardless

The Startup of You by Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha

  1. Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha lay out a game plan to help you be happier and more successful in your career by taking a “startup” approach to your career – being flexible, investing in yourself, network, take intelligent risks and make volatility work in your favor.

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Key Takeaways  

  1. Every person is an entrepreneur in the sense that creating and building is part of our DNA
  2. Book will give you tips and examples on startup mind sets, how to grow your network, and land better opportunities
  3. Need to take the mindset that you, your career, is a startup – set up your life to be in “perpetual beta” – always iterating, evolving and adapting. Lifelong commitment to continuous improvement 
  4. Develop your competitive advantage, take your skills and iterate to market needs, continually grow your network, take on intelligent risk as new opportunities present themselves
  5. Competitive advantage – must be first, better, faster or cheaper than competition. “A company hires me over others because X…”
  6. Determine the local niche where you can develop your competitive advantage. Convergence of 3 traits – assets, aspirations and market realities
  7. Determine your passion and then possible roles that satisfy that. Not the other way around
  8. Trying to have an end or a long term plan in today’s world is difficult and can hold you back. Be flexible and ready to adapt to market needs and your always evolving passions
  9. Prioritize learning! – build soft assets over hard. Journey will be more fulfilling and in the long run more profitable. Learn by doing
  10. Make small, reversible bets
  11. If looking to get experience, do something for free on the side and ask for feedback from experts in this given field
  12. Fastest way you change yourself is by surrounding yourself with people who are already how/where you want to be
  13. Think of networking more as genuine relationship building than simply adding people to your LinkedIn profile. Empathize with others and try to figure out how to help them instead of always taking
  14. Having an ally is immensely powerful – somebody you can trust, who’s opinion you trust and has your back. Sometimes might compete with them but know they have your back
  15. Want opportunities where you would feel over your head and challenged often. Must be continually and unendingly curious – keep asking why, why something is the way it is, why something doesn’t exist, why a company is run the way it is
  16. Invest in yourself – education, industry events, networking events/dinners, etc.
  17. Set up a trusted and smart group of people that you meet with regularly to bounce ideas off of and to keep in touch with (pair with Isaacson’s biography of Ben Franklin and Spier’s The Education of a Value Investor)
  18. Short term risk increases long term stability – black swan events more devastating in low volatility situations (pair with Taleb’s Antifragile)

  What I got out of it  

  1. A valuable book that helps you think about your career and decisions in a different light. I think the most valuable insight I gained out of it was to continue making small, reversible bets in your career that can help you gain experience and exposure but if it doesn’t work out it won’t set you back terribly. Great and quick read.
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