Living a Life of Awareness

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  1. Miguel Ruiz Jr follows in his fathers footsteps with the Toltec way of life and explains that total and unconditional self love and other love, complete acceptance and awareness lead to a happy life as it helps us realize we are simply perfect just the way we are
Key Takeaways
  1. Unconditional love for others and oneself, awareness of illusions and delusions, completely accepting oneself and not creating false illusions of ourselves that we can’t live up to
  2. The only truth is this very moment
  3. We free ourselves of illusions through awareness and acceptance
  4. We are much larger than any of our beliefs, ideas, illusions. We therefore need not fight or impose our wills on anything or anyone
  5. We are absolutely perfect just the way we are. Be very aware of when you get emotional, defensive, judgmental as this is a good sign you are attached to something which you can let go
  6. Only do things because you want to, not because you feel like you should or have to
  7. Toltec means artist – be the artist of your life and live your dream
  8. Make your narrator your ally instead of a parasite – operating from unconditional vs conditional love
  9. Who we are is beyond any words. We can describe roles, feelings and emotions but never who we truly are
  10. Practicing, improving and integrating throughout the day the skill of listening to your inner silence is key
  11. Must have unconditional love for self before can give unconditional love to others
What I got out of it
  1. Beautiful and all important for a happy life. Echoes The Four Agreements and gives daily meditations on how to keep these topics top of mind. Physical book worth getting for daily dosage of awareness

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