July 2020



The monthly newsletter covers the books I’ve read over the course of the month, any essays I wrote or challenges I undertook, and some other interesting articles, interviews, etc.   


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Monthly Challenges

  • Perfect Espresso – aiming to make the perfect espresso without spending $3,000. This $65 Staresso is far superior to the DeLonghi I used to have and, while it’s not coffee shop quality, it’s extremely simple to use, mobile, and the value is incredible


Amor Fati Amor.


“Q: You seem to have a pretty strong and clear philosophy and vision for the future of our society, but did you have one when you were 20? If so, how has that vision evolved or changed? PG: All I had when I was 20 was a collection of hunches. That software was going to take over everything, for example. This collection of hunches has now grown so much that it looks like a complete vision, but it really isn’t. And indeed, I wouldn’t want it to be. Ideology is constraining. I’d rather have a patchwork model of the world based on experience.” – Paul Graham

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