From Poverty to Power – OR, The Realization of Prosperity and Peace


  1. James Allen discusses good and evil, the power of presence and self-mastery, truth, spiritual lessons, and more

Key Takeaways

  1. Evil is the direct result of ignorance and passing through ignorance resolves evil and leads to wisdom
  2. What you are, so is your world. The world is a reflex of you
  3. External circumstances impact you as much as you let them
  4. The cause of all power and all weakness comes from within
  5. Truth seems barren at its commencement it is only error and delusion that are inviting and enticing from the start
  6. To achieve true wealth start with becoming virtuous. And for self perfection and it shall flow from there. The truly rich see themselves as stewards and not as owners
  7. With self mastery comes mastery of the universe
  8. All the wisdom in the universe lies in self mastery and treating your enemies as thyself
  9. Salvation lies in the supreme belief in good. For, why fear or worry or doubt, if you have supreme faith?
  10. Be in supreme control of your thoughts, your mind. Daily go into the silence to find calm and gratitude. Only by controlling and channeling your thoughts will you come to make any inward progress
  11. The disbelievers wish and grumble while the believers work and wait. They know their good thoughts and hard work will eventually be rewarded. Above all, have a single aim. Let nothing distract you or pull you aside
  12. Self seeking is self destruction. He is rich who is content with what he has. He is richer who is generous with it
  13. There are two masters in this world – self and truth. Only by renouncing your self, your desires, can you hope to attain truth. Humility distinguishes the man of truth from the man of self
  14. To be in the world but not of the world is the highest victory
  15. The final test of wisdom is this: how does one live
  16. Seek continuously to give up yourself and lose yourself to the greater whole
  17. True and lasting happiness can only be found in the eternal and selfless, so give up the ephemeral and selfish wants
  18. The strongest of chains are self-forged

What I got out of it

  1. The author ties together many of the key lessons from various spiritual teachings. Great reminders and reinforcements, especially about the importance of self-mastery