December 2018

The Rabbit Hole by Blas Moros 
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My monthly newsletter covers the books I have read over the course of the month, the challenges I undertook as well as some other interesting articles, blog posts, interviews, tools, hacks, etc.


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Teacher’s Reference Guides

  • Machine Learning – getting to know the basics in these topics was not only a lot of fun but I think really important as they will likely become pervasive and permeate every area of life. The language and terms used to describe these different topics also gave me some vocabulary and a new way to think about learning, AI, habits, training, and serve as great metaphors to think about other areas not directly related to AI/ML.

Monthly Challenges

  • Changed the routine up a bit this December. Rather than reading new books, I’ve reviewed what I’ve read this past year as well as the best things I’ve read over the past ~5 years or so (see links above under “Books”). My goal was to spot patterns across topics and time, making it a priority to reflect more deeply on what I’ve already read in order to let these great teachings sink in. Really enjoyed this practice and will likely keep up.


As we begin 2019, I’d love any recommendations on what to read, learn about, do, how I can improve the site, and anything else that might come to mind.

I appreciate and am grateful for all your feedback and for the community we’ve built together these past 5 years.

Amor Fati Amor.


“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” – African Proverb