December 2015 + Overview of 2015

The Rabbit Hole by Blas Moros 
Jump In. 

This newsletter covers both December and some highlights from 2015.

I ended up reading about 180 books, not including podcasts, articles, blogs, etc. I am proud of how much I learned this past year but one of my goals for 2016 is to be more focused with what I consume by having a predetermined goal or skill I want to acquire from every reading.


Monthly Challenges

  • Wim Hof breathing exercises – started mid-month so am only through week 2 of the 10 week protocol but am loving it so far. Feel energized and relaxed after every session.
    • Additional info on the Wim Hof Method 
    • The Tim Ferriss interview with Wim is great to better understand what he teaches and why


  • I have recommended Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast in the past but I have to do it again. I purchased his additional podcasts from his website and they are incredible. The series “Ghosts of the Ostfront” which discusses the atrocities on the Eastern front in WWII is especially good
  • Tim Ferriss’ interview with Derek Sivers is fantastic. I agreed with a lot of what Derek said and how he approaches life. His website is great and offers compelling book summaries and advice for entrepreneurs.

Best of 2015

It was difficult narrowing down the list but below is the list of books which influenced me the most in 2015 and what I learned from them:

I enjoyed most of my monthly challenges but I got the most out of the following and many are now part of my daily routine:

  • Travel to 3 new places every year (got to the Grand Canyon, Istanbul and St. Louis in 2015)
  • No alcohol for one month
  • Give away 30 things in 30 days (see Essentialism by Greg McKeown)
  • Ask people to describe you in three words
  • Ask people for three areas of improvement
  • Ice pack on neck for 30 minutes before sleep
  • Cold showers (see Wim Hof Method)


All the best in 2016!


“He who looks outwards dreams. He who looks inwards awakens.”

-Carl Jung