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April 2017

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The Rabbit Hole by Blas Moros 
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My monthly newsletter covers the books I have read over the course of the month, the challenges I undertook as well as some other interesting articles, blog posts, interviews, tools, hacks, etc. 



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Teacher's Reference Guides

  • The current rabbit hole is Paul Graham and his essays. So, so good. There's a ton to be taken away from his multi-disciplinary take on startups, business, dealing with people, learning, etc...

Monthly Challenges

  • Dancing - the final performance was this month and it turned out pretty much as good as I could have hoped for. Happy and honored to have helped such a great organization as The South Bend Center for the Homeless and to have challenged myself by stepping out of my comfort zone
  • Going through quarter's entries in my BestSelf journal - the goal is to see broader patterns over longer periods of time that I might otherwise miss in the moment, to relive good experiences, to learn from difficulties or failures and to see where the most productive and useful time is spent (amazing how much time is wasted on non-useful articles, meetings, books, etc. but I think that's the price of admission to occasionally stumble upon the few gems which do have lasting impact).
  • Learning How to Learn - Coursera put together a great course on the different techniques to become a better learner, covering topics such as memory, chunking, how to deal with procrastination, how to study, improving productivity, test taking skills, etc. My Summary Notes


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"Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment. Full effort is full victory." - Mohandas K. Gandhi


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