Amp It Up: Leading for Hypergrowth


This book will help you accelerate your progress without expensive personnel or technological changes. It starts with raising your standards, aligning your people and culture, sharpening your focus, picking up your pace and transforming your strategy.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Most good companies operate well within siloes. Great companies do that and operate incredibly well across silos
  2. A high trust environment is crucial. Admit failures, make sure you’re consistent and deliver on what you promise, focus on solutions to problems and not people
  3. No customer success teams - person and team who owns a customer needs to be responsible for their happiness. Align incentives
  4. Biz dev is for more unusual customer contacts. Sales is for highly repeatable sales processes. Over invest in lead gen before you invest in a big sales team. Lead gen, repeatable sales process, then sales team. Once you have that, invest aggressively in sales
  5. Growth has shown to have extremely high correlation with value created. This should be the key focus for software companies, especially smaller, younger ones
  6. You have to know your growth targets and what your growth levers are. What can you do to grow faster? Why not do that?
  7. Strategy
    1. Execution is king but will only go so far if the strategy is off. Make sure that your operating executives are also the head strategists for their units. The CEO must also be the chief strategist
    2. Hire drivers, not passengers. Get the wrong people off the bus
    3. Attack weakness, not strength
    4. Create a cost advantage or neutralize someone else’s
    5. It’s much easier to expand a market than create a new one
    6. Early adopters buy differently than late adopters. Aim for the early adopters first but then have to use those examples to lure in late adopters
    7. Stay close to home in the early going - more resources and attention can be given to local customers and get better and more frequent feedback
    8. Build the whole product or solve the whole problem as fast as you can
    9. Architecture is everything
    10. Prepare to transform your strategy sooner than you expect - as a leader, you need to operate well ahead of the current dynamic
  8. Build a strong culture - it matters more than you think
    1. It is the persistent actions, beliefs, behaviors of a group of people and sets the norms and standards
  9. Mentions Moore’s Crossing the Chasm often

What I got out of it

  1. Great, tactical advice on how to compress timelines and increase the velocity of your organization - a mindset as much as a process

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