A Curious Mind

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  1. Brian Grazer is a very successful movie producer and attributes his success to his deep curiosity. He thinks of himself more of a storyteller and by being diligent about being curious and having curiosity talks he can learn about the world but also the stories that other people live in
Key Takeaways
  1. In the last 35 years Grazer has consistently met with people outside of his industry in order to learn and meet new people – curiosity conversations
  2. He was at first a law clerk who delivered documents to important people. He used this opportunity to ask questions and for advice, but never for them to do anything for him
  3. For curiosity to be useful you must pay attention to the answers you get and the ability to act
  4. Curiosity is such an important trait but it is often suppressed in society by parents who can’t / don’t want to answer their child’s questions to teachers who don’t want to get detailed in class
  5. Curiosity is the path to freedom
  6. Everyone is happy to talk, especially about themselves and it helps to have some pretext to talk to someone
  7. If it’s a good idea, people often don’t care where it comes from
  8. Set himself a rule – meet one new person every day 
  9. Grazer is curious to understand what makes people tick, how they think. Try to speak to outliers, anomalies, people who are the best at something or an outlier in a given field. Understand what mastery takes. Why does success look like, feel like
  10. Look to meet and talk to people who completely bring you out of the world you live in and disrupt your point of view. Understand their skills and perspectives which make them good at what they do. These curiosity conversations help you be able to put yourself in others shoes and see their perspectives which is absolutely vital for any walk of life 
  11. You have to learn how to beat the “no.” Understand exactly what people are saying no to – you, your idea, the theme, etc. 
  12. Nothing more fruitless than idle curiosity. Need persistence to carry through
  13. Make the hardest call of the day first
  14. Don’t be afraid of asking questions – it won’t make you look ignorant, quite the opposite. Get comfortable being a bit uncomfortable 
  15. Curiosity is fundamental to connect with people, to be a good boss, to be intimate with others
  16. Manage people and situations by asking questions. If you have the right people around you, they will step up
  17. Don’t settle for good enough. Be stubborn in a good way so that you never settle 
  18. You archive curiosity and it compounds upon itself. Over time, curiosity is incredibly powerful
  19. The more people you know, the more perspectives you have, the more questions you ask, the more likely you are to have good ideas or at least know when you come across one
What I got out of it
  1. Grazer is a really good story teller and he kept me curious and engaged the entire time. Curiosity opens so many doors and is vital to success in any field