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Worthwhile YouTube Channels

Shots of AweJason Silva is energetic, inspiring and exploring fields aimed towards “cognitive ecstasy” and other mindblowing concepts. These videos are usually just 2-3 minutes long and in them he explores anything from the spiritual to psychedelics (are they intertwined?) and too many other amazing topics to call out. I have gotten sucked into these videos for hours at a time and can’t recommend highly enough.

Big History Project – Started by Bill Gates and David Christian, this series of videos blends different fields in order to attempt to create one coherent timeline of our universe and how we as humans fit into it.

The Rise of SupermanSteven Kotler and Jamie Wheal, the authors of the book by the same name, dive deeply into flow, how we get there, its effects, etc. Fascinating stuff and the next frontier to push human limits and achievements. Their “flow dojo” seems like the coolest thing ever.

TED, TEDx, TED-Ed – TED (Technology, Education and Design) is an amazing platform aimed to “spread great ideas.” TEDx is the extension for independent organizers and TED-Ed is more focused on creating lessons. Fascinating talks from a vast range of people.

Crash Course – informational and animated videos which aim to simplify and give you a good overview over a variety of different topics

Talks at Google – A collection of authors, musicians and innovators of different fields who discuss their particular passions

Derek Redmon – Barcelona Olympics 1992

Music might be a little over the top but the lesson is not. Imagine training your whole life for this event, for this minute and you get injured. How would you react?

Jimmy Valvano 1993 ESPY Speech

  • There are 3 things you should do every day – laugh, think and have emotions moved to tears. 
  • You have to remember where you came from, where you are and where you’re going
  • Cancer can take away all my physical abilities, but it cannot touch my heart, it cannot touch my mind and it cannot touch my soul