Jesus: A Pilgrimage by James Martin


  1. James Martin makes the gospels come to life and helps readers experience Jesus as Martin has come to know him, both the human and divine sides. He describes his travels through the Holy Land and how these travels helped him come to better grips with the Bible and Jesus
Key Takeaways
  1. Jesus was at all times all human and all divine
  2. Humility is the gateway to faith
  3. Describes and helps demystify Jesus, his actions and his interactions with other people and disciples
What I got out of it
  1. This was definitely an interesting read and for me really helped make many of the passages in the Bible more relatable and therefore more relevant and exciting

Read Jesus: A Pilgrimage

  • Wants to answer who Jesus is from his point of view
  • Ignation contemplation – putting yourself and vividly imagining to be in scenes from the Gospel
  • The people on earth form the body of Jesus Christ
  • Somewhat reluctantly agrees to go to Israel to do research for this book and to get to know the holy land
  • Mary was a poor Jewish woman in the middle of nowhere who had great courage to accept God and bear Jesus
  • When Jesus told his hometown he was the savior they were angered and he eventually had to leave his hometown
  • Change often happens too slowly to see it
  • Often our perceptions of others good fortune is exaggerated and of our own misfortune skewed
  • Be completely honest with your desires
  • If we’re completely honest with ourselves we often know exactly what we need to do
  • Carry your cross daily – can share issues but don’t let it affect others or other parts of your life
  • The saddest people are those with no tribulations

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