Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue by Neale Donald Walsch


  1. Walsch had a dialogue with God over the course of a year and this book is the written manifestation of that dialogue.
Key Takeaways
  1. Only the highest thoughts and feelings come from God. The highest feeling contains joy, highest thought contains truth, grandest feeling is love. These three are interchangeable and of utmost importance
  2. Listen to experience above anything as this is the best way God can communicate
  3. Thankfulness is the most powerful way to be happy. Never supplicate, just be grateful
  4. A true prayer doesn’t contain “necessary” requests, they are prayers of thanksgiving and the person would be completely fine if prayer answered or not
  5. God does not care about the process, what you do, but cares deeply about the outcome
  6. In truth there are only two emotions – fear and love. All human actions based on one or the other and this is the “sponsoring” thought. Make love your sponsoring thought
  7. Purpose of life – experience the fullest glory in all that you do
  8. Life is not a process of discovery but one of creation. You are creating yourself. Do not seek to find out who you are but who you want to be
  9. Nothing is bad or painful in and of itself – we think and make it that way. It is an erroneous way of thinking. Eliminate judgment of everything
  10. It is a sin is to create yourself based on the experiences of others
  11. Nothing that you see exists that wasn’t first a thought
  12. No conditions are good nor bad, they just are. They are all temporary as well
  13. Go to your highest thought of yourself and imagine how you would live and how you would react to others. Now live it and eliminate things, people or thoughts which do not correspond with this vision
  14. Enlightenment is understanding that there is nowhere to go and nothing to do to get to heaven. You are already there
  15. To live life without expectation, without needing certain results is freedom, is godliness
What I got out of it
  1. An incredibly powerful book and even if you are not religious or are skeptical that Walsch truly had a dialogue with God, this book offers incredible tips on how to life a meaningful, happy and loving life.

Read Conversations With God

  • God communicates with everyone
  • Words are the worst way since they’re open to interpretation and are often confused. Best way is through feelings and experience.
  • God only reveals himself through inward revelation as any other way would not be incontrovertible
  • Second grand fallacy of man – that outcome of life is in doubt which creates fear
  • It is the nature of people to love, destroy and then love again that which we love most
  • Says we often learn love in a false setting – our parents often teach us that their love is conditional (something I just realized I have never, not once, ever felt from my parents)
  • With fear based decisions you are always afraid of losing one way or another. Only when you change to the love based paradigm will you truly realize your own magnificence
  • Gods strongest voice is ones inner voice. Heed that voice
  • Souls greatest desire is to turn concept into experience. Can think you’re nice but until you do something nice you can’t experience it
  • Cannot experience what you are until you experience what you are not
  • Judge not others for you know whether or not that soul is truly successful or a failure. Also don’t judge an event as a miracle or calamity until you see how it is used
  • In each experience is hidden a treasure
  • Hell is the natural consequences of your thoughts when you deny yourself who you really are. Opposite of joy and not being true to yourself
  • Point of life is to create yourself. You reach heaven when you are true to yourself and create who you really are
  • Seek stillness – if I do not go within, I go without
  • All life arises out of choice and it is inappropriate to condemn it. Simply observe it
  • There is no coincidence and nothing happens by accident
  • God is in everything and everywhere. The good and the bad, the highs and the lows, etc
  • Masters love everything always – even loved their murderers in those cases
  • Very few of our values and judgments are truly formed from our own experiences but passed down from parents or politicians or religions etc
  • God is without needs and requires nothing. He is not vengeful or angry – there is no help except that which we create for ourselves
  • Scrutinize your values and beliefs and if you can proclaim them without shame in any sense, you are happy and true to yourself
  • Mental, physical and spiritual is akin to the holy trinity or here, there and in between. Thought, word and action and all creation stems from this process
  • Life is a process of remembering and recreating yourself, a holy Union with God
  • Do not deny your soul or judge yourself. Do what makes you feel glad and alive. Souls highest purpose is to feel as much love as possible and this manifests itself differently in all people
  • Love is like the color white – it is not the absence of feeling but the aggregate of all emotions combined
  • Make it abundantly clear what you want to create and purge all other thoughts and actions. Lose all pessimism and fears and speak with confidence about your new image and thoughts
  • Lay aside human wants (power, excess money, fame) not because they are irrelevant but because you have outgrown them
  • Every day and every moment is holy
  • Never deny passion for that is who you are, who you are meant to be
  • There is nothing in hour “reality” worth holding on to
  • Do not resist temptation, instead turn away from it. Look right at it and understand that you created this temptation and have power over it
  • You are not responsible for the comfort or happiness of another’s soul. With your family though, you are responsible for teaching them how to be independent and rely on themselves for their happiness
  • Original sin stems from making judgments and basing your values based on others experiences and living a fear instead of love based life
  • Enter relationships with mindset of what you can add to it instead of what you can take away from it
  • Having a significant other is not supposed to complete you, rather it is someone you can share your completeness with
  • Complete focus in relationship should be on self as obsession and constant worry about the other is what drives relationships apart
  • First relationship must be with yourself – must love and be content with yourself before can have a successful relationship with another
  • One of Masters’ main goals is growth and embraces calamities as they are the biggest opportunity for growth
  • In relationships, as in life, the only question that matters is “what would love do?”
  • Greatest good you can do is what is the greatest good for you. However, that is not selfish as it is also the greatest good for another as all are one
  • True masters are those who choose to make a life rather than a living
  • Thoughts, words and deeds acting in accord with will bring about whatever you are desiring
  • Your life is brought about by your own thoughts as we create what we think
  • People do not want to know the truth. They want to know the truth as we understand it and that is the biggest impediment to enlightenment

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