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Worthwhile Podcasts

Dan Carlin – Maybe the most engaging podcast I have ever listened to. His lengthy series on the Eastern Front in WWII, WWI in general, fall of the Roman Republic, the Mongols are incredible. Dan is a master story teller and its almost impossible to stop listening to him recount these violent and gruesome times in history. Even if you don’t care about history you will find these podcasts enjoyable and worthwhile.

Tim Ferriss – In each episode Tim interviews a master of their respective craft and tries to dissect what sets them apart. I find them so appealing as he helps focus on and draw out actionable tips, routines or techniques we can all implement in our own lives.

Finding Mastery – Michael Gervais is a high performance psychologist and in this podcast he converses with a broad range of high performers and digs into their backgrounds, mindsets and how they think about mastery

Bruce Lee Podcast – Bruce Lee’s daughter, Sharon, is in charge of his legacy and recently started putting out some podcasts. They are short, deep and discuss various aspects of Bruce’s philosophy, martial art, background, etc.